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  • We Come From Jambiani

  • Director(s): Bobby Moser, MJ LAT
  • Location: Orange, CA
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Run Time: 15 min
  • Content: Suitable for all ages.

Synopsis:Jambiani, a small town located on the island of Zanzibar is one of the most picturesque places on the planet, however it is also considered one of the poorest towns in the world. A small Non-Governmental Organization, the Zanzibar Action Program (ZAP) , seeks to aid the town in promoting a healthier and more productive way of life. A newly built medical clinic, water pumps, as well as a school are all ways that ZAP has contributed to the future well-being of Jambiani and its inhabitants. Even more heartwarming than the good works of the organization are the people of Jambiani. We Come from Jambiani's beauty not only comes from the amazing dream scape of the images created by the film, but also invites the viewers to discover their own social conscience.