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  • We Are All Here

  • Director(s): Yonghwa Choi
  • Location: Jersey City, NJ
  • Genre: Animation, Family, Music Video, Student
  • Run Time: 3 min
  • Content: All audiences

Synopsis:This is a story about the earth we live. All life on the earth dies someday. The earth is also temporary. Nevertheless, we use up in earth’s storehouse. I want to convey the message that our earth will one day complete its journey and cease to exist. This is actually a serious story, but I want to take this subject more cheerfully and freely to increase visual interest. My story is about the earth. So, I produced hand-made works to make people feel more familiar and make people touch the screen. Because, the earth is buzzing will all kinds of things such as a wind, tree and people-even the din of traffic. I believe that hand-made works and real objects (I used the egg for my puppets) make more fun in my project.