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  • Thomas Comma

  • Director(s): Ken Kimmelman
  • Location: New York
  • Genre: Children, Family
  • Run Time: 24 min
  • Content: Suitable for children.
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Synopsis:Thomas Comma, based on the the story 'The Comma That Didn't Belong Anywhere,' by the poet Martha Baird, is the charming, humorous, sophisticated and wonderful adventure of a lonely comma looking for the right sentence. Hand-drawn and colored and finished on computer, this 24 minute 2D animated tale of the trials and tribulations of a comma on a quest, will not only delight and inspire children of all ages (and adults)--but will also encourage and educate them to have the best thing in them win! 'We;re all of us like commas,' said Martha Baird, 'looking for the right sentence.'