Foursite Film Festival Sponsors


The festival is broken in to just a few main billings. If you pay for one, then you can see all of the films that play in that section. These sections include the following:

  • Peloton at the Arts Fest - $5 (7pm)
  • Thursday Night Films - $10 (7pm - Close)
  • Friday Night Films - $10 (7 pm - Close)
  • Saturday Afternoon Films - $10 (1pm - 4:30pm)
  • Saturday Night Films - $10 (5 pm - End)

While there may be several films that play during those times and each film will have its own time slot scheduled, one ticket will gain you access to all of the films in that block, so come early and enjoy.


While we do not only want films you can show to kids, we do want to only be presenting films that address difficult subjects tastefully. You can't make a documentary about violence or drug abuse without showing the effects of them. We just ask that if your story involves topics that are viewed as "edgy", then we will only be considering them if we feel they are being presented in a tastefull manor without using graphic or gratuitous methods to address them.

We have over the history of the festival shown many films that would get an "R" rating, but we have always felt that those films have been made with great respect to the art form and portray a message that promotes positive change or healthy discussion about the topic or film.